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``It was more than I expected. I was blown away by Michele's level of vulnerability.``

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Michele Turner brings her vast experience together in a unique and provocative way.


Homeland Security Center of Excellence: Women in Leadership

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28 Jun

There is a saying, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed", That is to say, if you don't open your mouth to "ask", or to take it a bit further, if you don't move...

22 Jun

So often we push ourselves to the brink- "no pain, no gain". Does it always have to be that way? What about allowing yourself to take a breather? You Are...

11 Jun

“I used to think that growth represented getting new insights, more knowledge, becoming smarter. This is an aspect of growth; however, over the years I have...

Wells International Foundation Interview

Lessons Learned: Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience
Part 1 of an Exclusive interview

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